Friday, May 7, 2010

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kontera Halve Payout Rate

Kontera offer in text advertising, particularly specialising in blogs and work well with both Blogger and Wordpress. It is very simple - all you do is install the code which generates in-text advertising links for which you receive a small payment. I actually currently use Linkworth on this blog, but Kontera on other blogs and niche sites. The main downside with Kontera is that they have had a very high payment threshold of $100 which means for small bloggers like me the prospect of ever receiving a payment felt rather remote. However, I signed up with Kontera mainly because it is an option for earning money on Hubpages, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

Today, however, Kontera have announced that they have cut the payment threshold to $50 which is clearly much more achievable. Having said that, you should not get too carried away - the payments per click is pretty low, much lower than Adsense. I have been with them for about three months and not yet reached $1.00 so the chances of seeing my money still feel pretty remote - just slightly less remote than before!

EDIT: Please note - I have now switched to Kontera for this blog as well.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monthly Total for April

Another month passed and time to review how I have been doing. Well let's start with the good news. The main story for this month is that four months into the year and I have already earned more as a Clickbank affiliate this year than I did over the whole of last year! This month I have had a relatively big payout from New Vista surveys which has really helped my total. Also a record month for Squidoo payout - not that much, but my main income from my lenses is my Clickbank affiliate links.

As for the not so good stuff - well overall my earnings are still not really increasing so that is quite frustrating. I also been really bad at listing stuff on Ebay this month, so I need to do better there.

This month I have invested some of my hard earned cash into buying Micro Niche Finder. I have always struggled with keyword research and identifying potentially lucrative niches so I am hoping this will help. At the moment I am trying out a few ideas on Squidoo first before I go and spend more money on domain names.

Anyway, to this month's total:

Surveys: $82.52 (New Vista - $76.40, Another survey panel I can't name - $6.11)
Clickbank: $37.85
Swagbucks: $10.00
Squidoo: $6.42
Amazon Marketplace: $10.99
Ebay: $3.02

Total: $150.80

Distinctly average I think!