Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly Earnings for May 2012

Another month gone and time to look at my earnings again. The last couple of months I have felt a little disillusioned with this making money online stuff and have put very little time into it. As we enter June I decided to renew my efforts and have decided what focus is and hopefully this will pay dividends in due course.

On the positive side, despite my lack of effort, I have continued to make some Amazon sales and a couple of Clickbank sales as well. The main positive though is that I have received another Adsense payment this month. Here are the totals:

Adsense: $101.23
Clickbank: $20.86
Surveys: $12.29
Squidoo: $1.14

Total = $135.52

Not bad I guess considering I have put in nearly zero effort this month! Back to the grindstone this month I think.