About Me

Welcome to Extra Cash Challenge!

My name is Mark Daymond and this is my blog about my various attempts to make money online. On this blog I share with you my successes and failures. I also share any money making opportunities I come across and tips on what works for me. I like to think that I am always honest and do not exaggerate my results for the purposes of selling a product to you. Therefore, if I tell you that I think a product or service is good, then this is actually what I think. Likewise, if it is poor then I will tell you so.

Just a bit more about myself - I live in Lincolnshire in the UK, I have a wife and two children, chickens, 6 cats, 2 goats and 2 geese.


Please be aware that I do sometimes accept posts for which I am paid a small fee. I only accept posts that I am comfortable about writing, that fit in some way with the theme of my blog and do not conflict with my values.

This blog also contains some affiliate links to products which means that if you buy something via this link then I will receive a commission. Again, I will only promote products that I feel comfortable with and that are consistent with the theme of this blog and with my personal values. You are obviously under no obligation to buy anything via these links.