Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Total Earnings for February 2012

This has been a bit of a quiet month in some respects. I must confess to not doing a great deal of work on my various projects. I have decided to cut down on some of my projects and where some domain names have been due to expire on projects that have not been performing or I have not got around to doing what I had originally intended to do, I have just let them expire. I have been spreading myself too thinly and not focusing enough.

On the positive side I have received my Amazon earnings from Christmas which was a great boost. Here are the totals for this month:

Amazon.co.uk: $135.16
Amazon.com: $186.53
Squidoo: $0.98
Surveys: $31.51 (Pinecone, Surveyhead)

Total: $354.18

Not bad really. If I could repeat that level of sales on Amazon every month I would be very happy!