Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monthly Earnings for October 2011

Another month past and another month of some positives, but also some considerable frustrations. The big news of this month is that I have had my first payout as an affiliate. This has taken quite a while, but I have really only been concentrating on Amazon in the last few months.

This month I have made a total of 26 Amazon sales across the .com and sites earning $51 in all. Not bad, but certainly not life changing. I am hoping that in the run up to Christmas I will make more sales.

In relation to Clickbank sales, I have made 2 this month after a couple of months not making any. I can't really complain about this though as I have been concentrating on my Amazon review sites.

Here are the totals (this is what I have actually received, not necessarily what I have earned this month):

$129.74 -
$6.37 - Surveys (Pinecone)
$2.23 - Squidoo

Total = $138.34

Still a long way from earning enough to really make a difference. I am focusing Amazon review sites at the moment, but only in the run up to Christmas and then I want to move onto something else.