Thursday, July 5, 2012

Total Earnings for June 2012

OK, I will confess, I have completely lost the plot with making money online in recent months. The frequency of blogging on this blog and others has reduced to nearly non existent, I have not added to any of my various sites in ages, I have not done anything to increase traffic and have done very little with Squidoo, HubPages, etc. However, I am still making some money. Not surprisingly the traffic to my various projects has diminished somewhat, but they are still ticking over and the money is still trickling in. Of course I will never earn a massive amount of money by doing nothing, so I need to find some motivation from somewhere.

This month's results are somewhat skewed by a large payout from Amazon as a result of a particularly good month for sales a couple of monthes ago (payments from Amazon take two months to come through). Anyway, here are my earnings for the past month:

Clickbank: $24.07
Blogsvertise: $15.00
Squidoo: $4.78 $353.72

Total = $397.57

My biggest earning month so far, just at the point when I have been losing interest!!