Friday, July 1, 2011

Monthly Earnings for June2011

June has been a better month than the previous two, although it has not been without its frustrations. A couple of private advertising sales have bumped up my total. A downside is that I have had couple of refunds on my Clickbank sales; I have only ever had one previous refund so to have two in one month is disappointing.

I have been concentrating recently on building Amazon review sites recently. I have two up and running and traffic from these is slowly building. However, they have only given me one sale so far. I have made four Amazon sales overall this month which has brought me frustratingly close to that $100 payout.

Here are the totals:

Private advertising: $120.37
Blogsvertise: $20
Squidoo: $2.86
MyLikes: $1.65
Swagbucks: $5
Surveys: $6.43 (Pinecone)
EBay: $20.86

Total = $177.17

A definite improvement, but still less than I want it to be.