Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bukisa Switches Payment to Adsense

The user generated content site Bukisa where you can earn from writing articles is in the process of changing its revenue model. Previously you would earn according to how many visits your article attracted, regardless of whether anyone actually clicked on ads on your article. However, they are now switching to a model where that for you to earn you need to associate your Adsense account with your Bukisa account. You then earn from 60% of ad impressions.

This has, not surprisingly, sparked a far amount of debate amongst the Bukisa community, many of the comments are negative as many of the most active members do not use Adsense. Also, people fear that as revenue is dependent upon visitors actually clicking on ads there will be a loss of income. The reason that Bukisa have given for this change is that they have been suffering from "bad/fake traffic". By this I assume that they mean it is artificially created traffic purely for the sake of inflating earnings of certain members. In order to placate some of the more disgruntled members, Bukisa have been looking into other alternative ad networks and have just announced that you can choose to use Chitika instead.

As I am not a particularly active member of Bukisa I am perhaps not best placed to say whether this is a good or bad thing, but for me it makes it easier when I also use a number of other sites that use Adsense. This way it provides further opportunities to reaching the payment threshold for Adsense rather than having another pot of money in my Bukisa account to try and increase. 

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