Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paying Post is Now Blogadvertisingstore

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The paid to blog site, Paying Post has now become Blogadvertisingstore. I can't see anything else that has particularly changed; the layout appears to be pretty much the same as it was previously and features similar opportunities. The sponsored posts tend to be reasonably well rewarded ($10 is fairly typical for low PR ranked such as this one).

The whole issue of being paid to write blog posts can evoke strong reactions from bloggers and others alike. The main benefit of writing such posts is the money of course, but there are hazards - in particular that writing such sponsored posts can affect you PR as Google may penalize you. Some people tend to feel that writing such posts only damage reputation of blogging as medium and can have the affect of skewing the content.

I personally thought long and hard before signing up with paid to blog sites I came to the conclusion that it is an income stream that is worth pursuing, although it at first feel like I was selling my soul. I have decided on my own particular moral code in that I will only write paid posts about stuff that is relevant to my blogs and that I am comfortable about supporting. Most opportunities do not expect you to write a positive review about a product you have not tried, and I would not write these type of posts anyway. I have been offered all sorts of opportunities that have no relevance to my blogs whatsoever. Some paid to blog sites are offer lots of opportunities for gambling and adults which are not things I wish to promote - I feel you have to draw a line somewhere otherwise you start losing readers pretty quickly. I tend to find that Blogadvertisingstore offers a range of opportunities that I am happy to take and fit well with my blogs.

What do you think about being paid to write blog posts? Is it a good opportunity for bloggers to make a bit of extra cash, or is it a case of bloggers selling their soul and compromising the medium?

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