Monday, February 1, 2010

Total Earnings for January

Well it's that time again to look at how I have done for the month that has past. My focus for this month was twofold; firstly, setting up a website for my wife's new business venture, and secondly, to start moving onto some Wordpress niche sites. The website was very much a learning process and although it will not contribute at all to my online earnings efforts (she wouldn't let me monetize the site) I have leaned much about building websites from scratch, not to mention all the stuff that goes with hosting, domain names, etc. In case you are interested, I used Kompozer which is a free website builder.

I have also built two Wordpress niche sites and made a start on a third. The two that I have completed are basically extensions of One Week Marketing campaigns so I have several assets I can call on to provide links in, so hopefully they will become established quicker than if I was starting a new campaign from scratch. The third is completely new and will be based around Amazon products.

I had intended to start a new One Week Marketing campaign as well, but unfortunately both time and inspiration eluded me.

Anyway, to the totals:

Surveys: £2/$3.19 (GfK)
Squidoo: £0.82/$1.31
Swagbucks: £3.13/$5
Affiliate earnings: £27.02/$43.11
Ebay: £10.18/$6.38

Total = £43.15 (or $68.86)

Distinctly average I would say. It is good that now I am getting a steady trickle of affiliate sales now (I am currently averaging around 3 or 4 Clickbank sales per month) but would like much more.

I had originally intended to build more niche sites in the month ahead, but I am a bit concerned that if I carry on buying up domain names I could land myself with a hefty renewal bill for this time next year. So I have decided to finish off the one that I have started and not start any more just yet. I am feeling a bit stuck with what niche to look at for next month for further One Week Marketing campaigns. My usual strategy is to look at the new Clickbank products, do some keyword research and then try and get it set up before everyone starts promoting it. However, recently although there have been loads and loads of new Clickbank products launched, none have particularly caught my interest. I have decided that what I shall do is rather than spend loads of time setting up a full blown campaign around a particular niche, I will choose several niches that I am interested in and then set up a series of test Squidoo lenses to see how they do. If any of these get a reasonable level of traffic, or maybe even a sale or two, then I will expand these further.

Aside from this I think I need to put more effort into consolidating my existing assets, so trying to attract traffic to my blogs, niche sites, Squidoo lenses, etc.

What are your plans for the month ahead?

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