Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Total Earnings for February

Well another month past and time to reflect on my earnings and what I have achieved. This month one of the things that I have been focusing on is promoting one of my other blogs, A Smallholder's Diary, and this is starting to pay off in terms of increased traffic. I have plenty more to do in this respect though.

I have also got a further niche site up and running, although I could do with doing more to it to improve it. This one is a bit of an experiment for me being as it is focused on physical products sold through Amazon. As the commission is rather smaller than with Clickbank I have focused on higher value products. Not surprisingly as I have not done too much to promote it as yet, traffic is minimal. But it has already made me a sale! Not only that, the person also bought some accessories to go with the item they bought, so that brought me in $20.21! Yay!! I don't expect to make too much more on this yet though, as I really need to do more to promote it.

Also this last month I have started two new blogs. I am really not sure if this was a good idea, but I will give them another couple of months and see how they do before I decide whether to persist with them.

Anyway, to this month's totals. One change for this month is that I have decided to give the figures entirely in USD rather than GBP. Therefore, my monthly target is no longer £300, it is now $500. So here are the figures (bearing in mind I only count what I have actually received):

Surveys: $52.38 (Harris $37.42, Ipoints $14.97)
Affiliate sales: $46.84 (Clickbank $38.68, Other $8.16)
Squidoo: $2.68
Swagbucks: $5.00
Ebay: $31.67

Total = $138.57

Not bad I guess, but still frustratingly short of my target. My affiliate sales are not picking up as much as I would like, although do remain at a steady trickle. This has not been helped this month by my best performing product disappearing for some reason, so I have had to hastily replace all my links with a similar product.

This next month I intend to put more into increasing traffic to my main two blogs (this being one of them), put more into increasing traffic to my existing niche sites, and to build a further niche site using a domain name that I already have and is not doing much for me.

Progress still feels frustratingly slow........

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