Thursday, July 1, 2010

Total Earnings for June

Another month past and time to review my internet earnings. Well let's start with the positives. Overall income is not too bad - not great, but not too bad. As well, income has been from a variety of sources. Income from Squidoo has continued its upward path with another record month - I don't tend to use the Amazon modules, instead preferring to use my own affiliate links, so I don't expect my direct Squidoo earnings to reach great heights.

On the negative side, I have not made a single affiliate sale this month (affiliate income this month has been from sales that I made last month). This is the first month since October 2009 that I have not made any sales.

Here are my totals for this month:

Ebay: $42.78
Affiliate earnings: $65.63 (Clickbank = $28.56, Think Action = $37.07)
Swagbucks: $5
Squidoo: $7.33
Blogsvertise: $5

Total = $125.74

The lack of sales this month has led me to change my strategy a little focusing more on finding specific niches and then finding ways to exploit these. What I am doing primarily is using Micro Niche Finder to find low competition keywords. Some of these will relate to specific products with brand names in them - where this is the case I am building a Squidoo lens focused on these keywords. In the instances where there is no brand name in the keyword I am buying a related domain name and building a niche site around it. However, I need to not get too carried away with buying domain names otherwise I will be spending more money than I am making. Anyway, let's see how this works.


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