Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Total Earnings for November 2010

Firstly, I should recognize the fact that I have been really bad at posting to this blog recently. One post between monthly earnings posts is not good. I vow to do better next month.

Whilst there have been some encouraging signs this month I still don't feel that I have reached a real breakthrough. Some things have been working - one niche site focused on one key phrase is ranking well and earning a steady trickle of Adsense income. I have employed a similar strategy for a Squidoo lens finding a low competition phrase with a high search volume with Micro Niche Finder. It is already on page one of Google for my keywords and is pulling some decent traffic and I have made a few Amazon sales from it.

At the moment though I am somewhat undecided about where to go next. I have plenty of ideas, but I not convinced that they will make me the kind of income that I need. I think I need to take one idea and really focus on that.

Here are the totals for this month (counting what I have actually received):

Clickbank sales: $41.46
Surveys: $74.68 (One Poll: $62.24, Another panel I can't mention: $12.44)
Private advertising: $15
Swagbucks: $5
Squidoo: $1.27
Mutual Points: $31.12

Total Earnings = $168.53

Not bad really. Although I would like to earning more from my internet marketing efforts as I am spending less time on surveys these days. The few days then I am going to spend coming up with a clear plan so I am not as directionless as I currently feel.

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