Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monthly Earnings for January 2011

Here is the first earnings report of the new year. All in all it has been a pretty frustrating month having made no Clickbank or Amazon sales at all. Even Adsense has been slow going. I don't know if it's a post Christmas thing or what, but it has pretty depressing really. Here are the figures anyway:

Clickbank: $34.86 (from December's sales)
Squidoo: $1.08
Surveys: $53.22 ($40.32 - Opinium, $12.90 - Pinecone)
Swagbucks: $5

Total: $94.16

I hope things pick up soon. I haven't really decided what to concentrate at the moment and keep flitting from one project to another as not much seems to be working. I clearly need a plan!

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