Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monthly Earnings for February 2011

Whilst this month's total earnings are fairly average, I have been particularly frustrated with a lack of progress. Specifically, I have been frustrated that I have not made any Clickbank sales (again) and only made two Amazon sales with a very small commission.

Here are this month's totals (i.e. what I have actually received):

Surveys: $63 (Global Test Market - $50, Pinecone - $13)
Private Advertising: $10
Swagbucks: $5
Quickpenny: $40.66
EBay: $3.25
Squidoo: $2.78

Total = $124.69

I have been aware over the past few weeks that I feel I have lost direction and not working to any particular plan. So I have decided to try to focus on some specific projects for a while. These are:

  • A blog based around a forthcoming technology product. I have bought a relevant domain name, written a couple of posts and I am getting traffic already (it's only been up a week). I am using Google Alerts to find useful information which I will re-write as posts trying to do 2 posts a week at first. I am not anticipating that this will be a long term project.
  • I am building a site (with Wordpress) focussing on reviewing a particular type of product. These will have affiliate links to Amazon.
  • I am intending to start a new blog around a particular subject that I am interested in. This will be a long-term project where I intend to sell myself as an expert in my field. In order to avoid a situation where I am struggling to keep up with posting, I am writing lots of posts in advance of actually starting the blog. This way I will have a library of posts to draw on when I am stuck for something to write.
Also I will be gradually going through my various existing projects and reviewing content, building more links, bookmarking etc. I have put together a spreadsheet to help me keep track of where I have got to with this.

I had started a process of putting together a free ebook to give away to start building a list and I was going to focus on Squidoo as a means of promoting this. I have put this on hold as I am intending to incorporate this project into my new blog.

I have several other ideas I really want to try, but if I have learned anything at all it's that you can't do everything at once.


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