Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monthly Earnings for March 2011

This past month a rather strange pattern has emerged: I have put a lot of time and effort into making Clickbank and Amazon affiliate sales and made just two Amazon sales, but I have put almost no effort into selling advertising on my other blog and yet this has been my main source of revenue. The lack of Clickbank sales is starting to irritate me - I have made none at all so far this year and this is longest period I have ever gone since I started this in earnest without a single sale.

The direct advertising sales is an interesting trend though - this is not something that I have gone out to get, various people have approached me. So it has been a matter of taking these opportunities as they arise. I have sold several advertising slots for the coming year now, so I need to make a spreadsheet or something so I can keep track these, making sure that I follow these up when they expire.

Here are the totals:

Direct advertising sales: $223.33
Surveys: $6.67 (Pinecone)
Squidoo: $2.83

Total = $232.83

Pretty decent total, but I don't feel that I can rely on direct advertising sales as a main revenue stream, so I need my affiliate sales to pick up.

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JuicyG said...

Interesting. I shall be tracking your progress.