Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monthly Total Earnings for January 2012

Into the first month of 2012 and while I am really hoping that my earnings will really turn a corner, I hope that this month does not set the trend for the rest of the year. There have been a couple of good things - my first Amazon.co.uk payout and the first two Clickbank sales of the year - overall there is no sign at present of things taking off. My focus has really been my new blog. At the moment I really just focusing on getting more content on there before I really try and bring in some traffic and ultimately some money. It has not made me anything so far and nor would I expect it to. However, traffic is starting to pick up a bit and I have noticed a few other blogs have linked to me already, so it is looking promising.

Traffic has, predictably, dropped off to my review sites following Christmas, but I am still getting traffic and I have made more sales than I expected. I have decided to keep working on my most successful site building up content and trying to get more traffic. Once this is really performing as I would like then I will move on to the next one.

Here are my earnings for this month:

Clickbank: $39.29
Swagbucks: $5.00
Surveys: $40.10 (Pure Profile)
Squidoo: $5.33
Amazon.co.uk: $47.68
Sponsored Reviews: $5.00

Total Earnings = $142.40

Actually not too bad in the end especially considering it was just following Christmas. Let's see what February brings.

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Good deal -- congrats.

I love it when people write about their income. It helps all of us stay inspired online.

Happy day in the UK to you...