Sunday, August 5, 2012

Total Earnings for July 2012

I still have been lacking in motivation to do much about earning money online, but I have still been bring in a little money. I have had a couple of Clickbank sales and the Amazon sales keep trickling in. My total this month has been boosted by the fact that I have cashed on my earnings from Sponsored Tweets. I decided to do this as I have not been getting very many jobs recently and they were threatening to penalise me for lack of activity on the site. I have several accounts, but none of them were anywhere near the $50 figure you need to cashout - you can cashout earlier but this costs you $2. I decided it was worth losing out a little to make sure I actually receive a payment.

Here are the totals:

Clickbank: $30.37
Sponsored Tweets: $48.01
Surveys: $6.26 (Pinecone)
Squidoo: $2.94
Amazon: $59.69

Total: $147.27

Not too bad I guess considering how little I have been doing recently.

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