Saturday, September 6, 2008

Earnings for August

August could be best be described a mixed month. Whilst I did manage to make quite a bit of extra money this month, most of it was from overtime at work (which is only very rarely available). My online earnings were very poor - that is if I apply my own rules of only counting the money that hits my bank account or Paypal account.

So my earnings were:

£431 - overtime
£5 - surveys (Juicy Brains)
£28 - sale of free range eggs
£14.39 - Ebay

Total = £478.39

I am getting a little frustrated with my online earnings as this side of things seems to be taking a little while to get going. On the positive side my affiliate earnings are at least getting of the ground with my earnings so far standing at £25.38 - although I have a number of minimum payouts to reach so it will be a while before I see any of this.

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