Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Long Lost Relative

I returned from my holiday this weekend hoping that while I was away my various online ventures had brought in much needed cash - unfortunately not!! My e-mail in-box was overflowing with survey invites - most of which had expired. But there were still some that were still running which made me a little cash anyway.

Amongst the survey invites, reward e-mails and spam there was an e-mail from a solicitor in Thailand by the name of Jim. Now, Jim tells me that he had a client who died recently. Apparently the poor man died of a heart attack following the sad death of his family members in the Tsunami. Anyway, this man had $10 million to leave to distant family members, and guess what - this man shares the same surname as me. All I have to do is respond and I might receive a share of this money.......

For a couple of microseconds I actually considered responding. I read and re-read the e-mail for some evidence that it might actually be true, but strangely my new found friend Jim did not mention either my name or that of my long lost distant relative in the e-mail. Strange that!! Time to hit the delete button!

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