Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Money With Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates claims to be the world's most successful affiliate program. I have been signed up with them for some time and have I made any money from them? actually! But this is probably because I haven't utilized them to their fullest potential. I have recently started doing book reviews on one of my other blogs and potentially I could make sales there. However, it struck me the other day that these days Amazon sells pretty much everything! So, therefore, the potential for making money as an Amazon affiliate is huge. I can see all sorts of possibilities for product reviews on my blogs. They also have a huge range widgets and banners to include on your site/blog, as well as their "A Store" where you can construct your own store front to embed within your site.

I know this feels like yet something else to try, but actually it is quite painless to fit in product reviews into your blog, especially when you are stuck for content. The main thing to remember (as I have been learning recently), that you need to provide your readers with useful content - people do not visit blogs to read sales pages. Also don't flood your blogs with reviews (unless that is the stated purpose of your blog) and don't give everything rave reviews otherwise your readers will not trust your judgment.

I will be including the occasional review in my other blog as this is good fit for the particular niche (self-sufficiency/gardening) with well placed Amazon affiliate links to the product I am reviewing. Let's hope it pays off!


Make Extra Money at The Daily Click said...

I'm exactly the same, been a member of Amazon Associates for years, not made any money recently but then that's because I have not been pushing this area. Definitely something which I plan to change especially after reading one successful blogger say that he gets 50 sales a day through his amazon links.

mutuelle said...

I have tried before,but getting hired within a company ,let me change my mind,I hope I'll work on it soon.