Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reclaim Your Articles!

If writing articles is part of your making money online activity then you will know that many of your articles that you submit to Ezine, Go Articles, or the various other article directories out there will probably turn up on other websites at some point. Every so often (just because my ego needs a bit of boost) I do a Google search for my articles (you need to use inverted commas - i.e. "My Article Title") just to see where they turn up.

Often I will find my articles on related sites complete with my name and the links intact. This is, most certainly, a good thing. It certainly helps to get more links to whatever it is I am trying to promote out there.

Sometimes, however, I will find my articles credited to me, but no links. This is obviously less good. Even worse I have sometimes found my articles not credited to me, no reference to the original source and no links!! This is very annoying!! On these occasions, I have left comments (if the site allows) giving the link to the original article and the links that were originally included. Sometimes, if the site allows, I will contact the site owner to request that they acknowledge the source of the article and to include links.

There are some people who will continue to pursue the matter after this if the article is not amended. However, I tend to think that the time you spend pursuing people further could actually be more usefully utilized to write more articles.

So, go reclaim your articles..... but just don't stress too much over it!

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