Thursday, July 2, 2009

Total Earnings for June

Earnings for June have been a little disappointing, mainly because I have been focusing on the longer term rather than grabbing quick cash. Here are the figures (only including money I have actually received):

Surveys - £20 (Home of Research)
Blogsvertise - £5.94
Squidoo - £0.61
Ebay - £16.62

Total = £43.17 (or $70.55)

Not great really. I don't expect July to be too much better as the kind of activity I am focusing on should gradually increase income over time and unlikely to produce quick results.


ads said...

nicE :) not much but also ok i guess?

Make Money Online UK said...

Its a start. If you double the work your doing each month and provide unique content, you can reach £1,000 each month in 3 months maybe. I did it in 2 and a half months. Don't give up. Add content every week.