Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monthly Total for November

Well it's that time again to reflect upon how I have been doing over the previous month. This has been a very mixed month with some definite positives and negatives in terms of my making money online efforts. Let's start with the positives shall we........

The Positives
In terms of affiliate sales this has been my best month so far having made 4 Clickbank sales (5 if you include one that was returned) and I have made my first Amazon sale. My Clickbank sales this month have brought in a total of $72.90/£44.30. This means that I have easily satisfied the payout criteria so I should receive my first payment soon. My Amazon sale was for $900, so my 4% commission will be $36/£21.88. Yay!! This Amazon sale has given me some ideas for niche sites that I want to explore in the near future - I don't want to limit myself to promoting informational products at Clickbank.

The Negatives
I had wanted to get at least two more campaigns through Squidoo up an running, but I have failed due to a loss of momentum and enthusiasm. I have in fact started three campaigns, identified keywords and created the Squidoo lenses for one of them, so I have made a start at least. My recent sales have spurred me on and I feel more motivated now than I have done for a while.

My total actual earnings this month are down somewhat from last month, but at least I know I should be receiving a decent payout next month.

Monthly Total
Surveys: £18/$29.62 (£10 - Ipsos, £18 -Another survey panel I can't mention)
Ebay: £3.19/$5.25
Swagbucks: £3.04/$5
Squidoo: £0.65/$1.07

Total = £24.88/$40.94

Quite a disappointing total, but I feel spurred on by my recent sales. The next couple of weeks will be busy coming up to Christmas so I don't know how much time I will have to put into my internet marketing efforts, so I may concentrate on listing some stuff on Ebay to capitalize on Christmas shoppers. I will then start afresh in the New Year.

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Hi Mark- Thanks for the comments recently. I'll be back to read more of your blog when I surface again.