Thursday, December 31, 2009

Total Earnings for December

December is a strange month in that it is well and truly dominated by Christmas and New Year. Had I been properly thinking ahead I would have been looking to capitalize on all the extra shopping activity around this time, but this did not really occur to me until it was too late. There were a number of opportunities I could have taken here; put up more Squidoo lenses promoting gifts for suitable for Christmas, put together a niche site promoting gifts and sold more stuff on Ebay that would appeal to the Christmas shopper. A good learning point for next year though.

This month has brought about a number of firsts for me in my online money making efforts:

My first payout from Clickbank!
My first sales as an Amazon affiliate - two sales in fact (last month's sale sadly did not materialize)
My first sale on Amazon Marketplace

Anyway here are the totals for this month:

Affiliate earnings (Clickbank): £87.28 ($141.18)
Surveys: £14.50 ($16.98) (£10.50 Panelbase, £4 from another survey panel I can't name)
Ebay: £7.56 ($12.23)
Swagbucks:£3.09 ($5)
Squidoo: £0.76 ($1.23)
Amazon Marketplace £3.88 ($6.27)

Total = £117.07 ($189.33)

Not bad really, although quite a bit short of where I am aiming for. I am particularly pleased to have received my first Clickbank payout and I have made a couple more sales this month as well so I will receive this money next month.

How was December for you?


Kai S. said...

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