Friday, January 15, 2010

Promote Your Blog at You Say Too

In my constant quest to find ways to promote my blogs to increase readership and to make money online, I was pleased to come across YouSayToo which does both. What this site does is allows you to syndicate your blog content and potentially gain more readers this way. Not only that, there is a revenue sharing element through Adsense and Amazon Associates - basically 50% of the ad impresssions are yours.YouSayToo are an established site with a decent PR and high traffic so by syndicating your content you greatly increase the chances of it actually being read. They also say that the SEO and monetization is done by professionals.

You can also, if you wish, start a blog on YouSayToo as well, although you will only receive 50% of ad impressions whereas if you started one on Blogger you would receive 100%. I guess the trade off is the fact that you do not need to put the same amount of effort into promoting your blog than if you were starting your own from scratch on Blogger or other platform.

There is also a community element to the site and you can follow other bloggers and of course they can follow you. Also on the site is a feature called Buzzer, which is microblogging type service, which can help to get yourself and your blogs noticed, and make links with other bloggers. There are also some games on the site - although I haven't actually tried these out yet.

So, what effect will YouSayToo have on getting your content read and getting more traffic to your blog? Well for me it is early days so time will tell......

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