Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye 2009........ Hello 2010!!

Well it's that time again. Now that Christmas is over we move on to a New Year and time to reflect on how the past year has gone and think about the one to come. This has been a year where I have seen my priorities change away from surveys, paid to click sites, etc towards internet marketing which is where I figure the real money lies.

So let's look at the goals that I set myself last year and how I have done:
  • To be more focused and to organize my time more effectively - I will actively seek out methods to achieve this. Regular readers of this blog will know that finding that finding enough time to do everything that I want to do is a constant challenge for me!
Well, this is still an on-going struggle, but at least I have a bit more of a plan now, which is more than I could have said a year ago. Still progress to be made here I think.
  • To increase my online earnings to an average of £300 per month by July 2009.
Nope, not achieving this one. In fact I think I am averaging around £80 per month. Very frustrating!
  • To promote my blogs with a view to increase the Google Page Rank to PR2 at least by the end of 2009 and the Alexa Rank to above (or below, depending on your point of view) 100,000. 
This blog has made it up to PR2, then back down to PR0, and back again. As I write it stands at PR1. My other blog has made it to the dizzy heights of PR3! I don't know what I was thinking that my Alexa rank would break 100,000. This was clearly wildly over optimistic!
  • Once Google finally get around to migrating my site to Google Sites, then I will update it, expand some sections, reduce the size of others (that are of limited interest outside the UK) and radically change the advertising banners/links so that they fit better with the site. I will then embark on a campaign of shameless self-promotion to increase traffic.
Still waiting for my site to be migrated to Google Sites........ I haven't touched the site in months and large chunks of it are out of date. I think I will still wait for it to be migrated and then decide what to do with it then.
  • I am now up to 3 Zlio shops, although 2 are still very much work in progress. I have not made any money from these as yet, so intend to promote these to increase traffic substantially and hopefully get some sales. I am hopeful that these will provide some sort of on-going income.
My Zlio shops have been quite disappointing. Having said that I have not really put much into promoting them. 
  • Put more time into writing articles on Helium, including writing for the marketplace and competitions to see if I can actually make some money out of it.
Not achieved this one and I don't think that this is something that I feel is worth putting my valuable time into at this time.
  • I intend to start a third blog, this time on a paid blog network - more about this on a future post.
I did start a blog on Today.com, but I found that I did not have sufficient time to put into this, so decided to abandon it.
  • Although I have very little money as an affiliate as yet, I intend to pursue this further - I will put more effort into researching products to sell before I do any more.
I purchased One Week Marketing and have been using this as a model to make money as an affiliate. It took a while, but is now paying off and I have received my first payments from Clickbank. This is definitely something I intend to pursue further.

As you can see my goals changed somewhat over the course of the year. So what are my goals for 2010?

  • To be more organized. Yes that one again. Basically to come up with a plan for each month, each week and each day.
  • To start setting up niche sites, aiming for at least two a month, but more if I can. Some of these will be extensions of my existing One Week Marketing campaigns, but others will be new ones. I intend that these will focused on a mixture of Clickbank products and actual physical products (mostly through Amazon).
  • I will also continue to put up at least one One Week Marketing campaign per month, many of which will also serve as testing grounds for the niche sites.
  • To put more effort into getting traffic to my blogs - getting more backlinks, social traffic, commenting on other blogs, etc, etc.
  • To list a couple of items per day on Ebay, Ebid or Amazon. I need to keep this stream of income ticking over as it does really bring in cash. I have some major decluttering in the house, so I expect this to turn up plenty of stuff for listing. So no great need to buy in stuff to sell at the moment.
  • To earn £300 per month (that's $480 in case you were wondering). I nearly left this one off, but it is actually what I am aiming for. The figure of £300 is not random - it is what would really help getting us to a point where we don't have to worry too much about our finances.

Well, there you have it. Maybe I will even stick to them this year, you never know!

What are your goals for this year?

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