Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Squidoo List Plan Part Two - Creating a Free Product

Time to look at the next stage in my Squidoo List Plan. To recap, the plan involves using Squidoo to generate a list to sell products. So far I have chosen a niche. The next stage is to create something of value to entice people to sign up to my subscriber list. I have no experience of this as such, but I do have experience of subscribing to other people's list. What I know is that the lists I subscribe to are those that offer an enticing free product, and those that I stay subscribed to are those that live up to the hype.

So, what I need to do is create an e-book to give away. This needs to be of a good standard so that my subscribers will consider me to be an expert in my chosen niche. However, should I make it extensive enough for it to be good enough to be a paid for product? Actually, I'm not sure about that. I suppose what I don't want to do is use up everything I know about the niche so as to rule out the possibility of creating a product to sell in the future.

To the technicalities - the e-book I am creating should be in a PDF format, but how can this be done without purchasing some software to create such files? Well, quite easily actually. All you need is Open Office which can be downloaded for free. This offers a range of applications including a word processor, a spreadsheet application, an application for presentations and one for drawing. All of these are compatible with Microsoft Office. Why would you want this? Well, all the applications have this handy little button:

This simply saves a copy of your work as a PDF document. Easy!

I am quite slow at writing and I am working on some other projects, so it may be a little while before my next instalment.

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