Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snipsly - Another Place to Write and Earn Online

Just when I thought I had found pretty much all the sites where you can write and earn online, I have just found another one. At Snipsly you simply write an article and post it and you will earn 80% of the Adsense revenue from your article. There are no modules or anything fancy, just straightforward articles. The site is powered by Wordpress, so WP users will be used to the user interface. The minimum length for an article is just three sentences!! However, you are likely to get more visits for something a bit longer.

The links on Snipsly are "dofollow" so it is great way of promoting your other content. And it is open to users all over the world. At the time of writing the site is PR3 and seems to get a fair amount of traffic.

The only downside I can find is that all articles have to be unique, so you are not able to copy and paste your articles that you have already written for Ezine and other article directories. Also there is no referral programme available.

Overall, I think that Snipsly is well worth a try for promoting your other content and topping up your Adsense earnings.

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sim only said...

Very informative post. I like it. Keep it up

Home Business said...

Snipsly is also another way In which we can earn money. And the links re "do follow" so it is great way of promoting your other content.

Anonymous said...

Snipsly is Adsense revenue website which is great website an pays for writing content and to make quality backlinks