Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paid to Review - Ciao and Dooyoo

I am intending to add a new section to Extra Cash Review covering paid to review sites, i.e. sites where you can write a review of a product and can be paid to for doing so. Generally you are paid according to how other people rate your review. This isn't something that I have done before myself, so I feel the need to try this out before I start adding them to the website. The main websites seem to be Ciao and Dooyoo.

I have been a member of Ciao for a while as they also do surveys. The company has now split in half so that there are separate websites for surveys and reviews. So far though I have only done the surveys. However, these have proved increasingly frustrating as I seem to be screened out of nearly all the better paid surveys. The only ones I am not are ones for which you are paid 10p for a 30 minute (or more!) survey. I have decided to opt out of these. So this is another motivation for trying the reviews, to see if I am any more successful in boosting my balance this way instead.

There is also Dooyoo which I joined a couple of months ago with the good intentions of writing some reviews, but I never got around to it. Dooyoo seem on first glance to operate on a similar basis to Ciao in terms of reviews, in that the money you receive depends on how helpful other people consider your reviews to be. Dooyoo don't offer surveys though.

Once I have had a go at these then I will be better equipped to add these to Extra Cash Review. The only problem I forsee is that in order to write product reviews I would have thought you would need to buy the things you are reviewing. Currently I am trying to avoid spending money on new things, so I may be limited. I have not searched the sites properly yet so I guess I will soon find out!

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