Saturday, September 26, 2009

Formulating A Plan: Working Towards Niche Sites

If I have learned anything about Internet Marketing it is that it is important to have a plan. That's all very well of course, but what plan?! I have been using One Week Marketing as a starting point over the last couple of months, but I have been thinking about where to go from here. I am keen to move on to putting together some Wordpress niche sites and was considering using my existing One Week Marketing campaigns as a launchpad for these sites. However, my existing campaigns are fairly undeveloped so I don't really know what will convert and what won't at this point, so there is a danger of devoting a lot of time developing a niche site only to find that I cannot attract sufficient visitors, or I get visitors, but no buying visitors. So I have decided to develop my campaigns further on Squidoo etc to really test them out before moving on to niche sites.

So, here is my 3 step plan:
  1. Set up 10 One Week Marketing campaigns.
  2. Go back and improve on each campaign - improve my Squidoo lenses, write more articles, increase monetisation options if appropriate, get in more backlinks, etc.
  3. See which campaigns are converting and set up Wordpress niche sites using the OWM campaigns as a launchpad.
Between improving campaigns I will be seeking out more potentially lucrative niches to start more campaigns. I am currently up to my 7th campaign so I am looking forward to moving on to stage 2 soon!

So, what's your plan?


John | Make Nothing Online said...

My plan is to post regularly, use keywords, build backlinks and hope to be picked up by Google. :-)

If I make any money online, I want to do it by writing about stuff I love, not stuff that I think will be profitable.

I'm also using social media sites to drive traffic. I'm up to 200,000 pageviews per month, so still quite a way to go.

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