Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monthly Total for August

It has become a tradition at Extra Cash Challenge at the beginning of each month for me to review my online earnings over the previous month and to look at my mission to create on-going online earnings. My self-imposed rules are that I only post the earnings I have actually received - this is as a result of the fact that I have learned that there are occasions that I have "earned" money never to actually receive it. Likewise, due to thresholds for payment, there are some earnings that it may well be some time before I actually get to see any of it. Adsense is a good case in point where at my current rate it will take me another 3 year before I will see any of this! I am working on increasing my Adsense income, but you get my point.

Anyway, to this month's earnings. This month's earnings have been.......(drumroll please).....ZERO!! That's right, nothing, zilch, nada, zip, nowt!!!!

This makes this month officially my worst month since I started posting my online earnings!

This does not mean I haven't earned anything. On the contrary, I have continued to earn from Adsense, I have done a few surveys, continued to get decent traffic to my Squidoo lenses and Bukisa pages, I have clicked on some paid e-mails and (most importantly) made a few affiliate sales. Unfortunately, only one of my affiliate sales gave me a decent commission, the others were really very small. But, nevertheless, this is the most sales I have made in a single month. There are also a few payments pending which I hope to receive shortly.

So, (working on the "glass half full" principle) not all bad news then!


Sunny said...

August had been a bad month, but September will be better! Don't give up on your dream at making money online! I had been trying to make money online since 2007... Making money online is not an easy thing. But one day, you will find your way. For me, what's working well, is HubPages. Since I begin writing on HubPages, I saw my online income increasing. We are not talking about hundreds of dollars yet (just 10$ actually for one month on HubPages).. but... If I had been able to make 10$, I can possibly earn thousands, right? lol... Maybe you should try HubPages? Good luck!

Rumpleteazer said...

Sunny - Thanks for that. I am working towards a longer term plan which I hope will start paying off soon. I have only really dabbled a little with HubPages, but it is part of my plan to experiment some more. Let's see if it pays off!