Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Total Earnings for August 2010

Well, it has to be said that earnings this month have not been great. I have made a couple of Clickbank sales, although I have not included them here as I haven't received the payment yet. I have made no Amazon sales at all. So pretty dismal in all. I am looking at changing direction somewhat over the next couple of months with a view to start building a list, so we will see what that brings. In this month's total I have included a payment for recycling ink cartridges - perhaps not strictly online earnings, but I have included it anyway.

Here are the totals:

Cash for Cartridges: $39.61
Surveys: $6.19
Ebay: $15.46
Swagbucks: $5.00
Squidoo: $5.21

Total = $71.47


ebele said...

I can understand the disappointment. I've been missing my target over the past few months, so I either need to lower it or work like a beast next month to make it happen.

On the bright side, you have $71.47 more than you didn't have before.

All the best next month.

Take care...

ebele said...

Sorry, that should have been 'more than you had before', not 'more than you didn't have'.

I need some sleep. Evidentally. :-)

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