Monday, August 2, 2010

Total Earnings for July 2010

Well, this month has been fairly disappointing really. Again, no Clickbank sales at all (Clickbank earnings showing this month are just an adjustment) so my total is rather low. On the positive side, I have made a record number of Amazon sales - 6 in all - which will bring me a little closer to the $100 needed as a non US resident to receive a payout (although one of those sales was on the site). Also another record for Squidoo earnings, but still pretty small.

Here are the figures anyway (remember that I only count what I have actually received):

Surveys: $53.32 (Opinion Health: $39.20, Another panel I can't name: $12.55)
Clickbank: $8.64
Ebay: $20.32
Squidoo: $8.42

Total = $90.70

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