Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get Paid to Search The Internet

Earn money with Scour!
The easiest ways to make money online are those where you get paid for doing what you do already. Well with Scour you can do exactly that. Scour is a search engine that allows you to get paid for every search that you do. You can also boost your earnings by commenting and voting on website. OK, so you won't earn loads, but you if you can get paid for something that you do most days, probably several times a day, then you might as well.

You can boost your points total further by making referrals and you receive 25% of the points made by the people you refer. So, according to the website, if you do 3 daily searches and you refer 100 people who do the same, you will make $455 per year! OK, so unless you have a PR6 blog and your readers hang on your every word, most of us won't achieve that level of referrals, but you get the idea.

You can join Scour here.


Free Music said...

thanks for this

Get Paid to Search said...

Scour sure is a great site to earn from! I also enjoy using MyHpf.

Thanks for posting!

Matt Green said...

What have been your experiences of making money with Scour? Have you earned very much and if so have you been paid? I use a site called my Homepages-Friends which seems very similar, and they pay approximately 2p per search and pay via PayPal or cheque. Also they have a three tier referral system. If you are considering it, find out more on my blog, where I would also appreciate you signin up using my referral link.