Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Earn Money Blogging With Today.com

This month I have begun yet another project. I have started a blog at Today.com which is a paid blog network. The way it works is that once you have signed up they pay you for every post and also for visitors to your blog. For the first month you are paid $1 per post and $0.002 per visitor after this the amount you are paid may be adjusted depending on if they think your blog will generate traffic. You are provided with a Wordpress blog - so I am having to get used to using this format as I have been used to using Blogger.

There are a few conditions. You can only have one blog on Today.com. You cannot put your own Ad Sense code on your blog and cannot insert your own affiliate/referral links - all other links are fine. They say that top bloggers earn $700 per month, but traffic to these blog must be huge! These rules do mean that you are free to concentrate entirely on content and traffic, which is quite liberating really. And although my new blog is only a few days old it is already earning me money.

My new blog is Comments of a Nobody which is general comments on world events. Why not pay a visit and see what you think - although please bear in mind it is early days and very much "work in progress"!

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