Sunday, January 25, 2009

Review of Ipoints Rewards

Ipoints is a rewards program that allows you to earn points through a number of means which you can then spend for a huge variety of goods, including gift vouchers. The great thing about Ipoints
is that is a variety of ways in which you can earn points. You can earn points by:
  • Cashback shopping on the Ipoints site - this includes signing up for free offers to earn points.
  • Clicking on Reward Mail
  • Completing Ipoints surveys.
  • Completing surveys with and Consumer Link
The variety of ways in which you can earn points means that you can accumulate them quite quickly. The downside of Ipoints is that cash is not available as a reward.

Ipoints operates solely in the UK.


Sweepstakes Girl said...

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Rumpleteazer said...

@Sweepstakes Girl - ring looks good, but I'm not sure I qualify as a dedicated Entrecard dropper!