Monday, January 19, 2009

Squidoo Alternatives #3 - Oondi

Continuing my series of Squidoo alternatives, Oondi is another site where you can publish your own content, link to your own site/blog and earn money. Similarly to Knol there are no affiliate modules, or any other modules come to that (as there are with Squidoo and HubPages). You are basically provided with a blank page to work with. The interface is pretty basic - the emphasis is writing content rather than incorporating fancy gadgets, so no YouTube videos or other gadgets here. You can write about pretty much anything you like provided that you do not submit duplicate content.

There is, of course, the opportunity to link to your own site/blog if you want to which may help with traffic to some extent. Other links are also permitted.

Opportunities for making money are primarily via Adsense and unlike some other sites you receive 100% of revenue (with HubPages you receive income from 60% of impressions). You can, of course, add any affiliate links you like, so you could use an Oondi page as a landing page for an affiliate campaign in the absence of your own website.

In conclusion, while Oondi pages do not have all the gadgets available to you with Squidoo and HubPages, it is very easy to use, provides useful links to your website/blog and good way to top up your Adsense account without having to start another website or blog. Oondi is still currently in Beta and Oondi pages currently do not rank that highly on Google. Membership is still quite small, so now might be a good time to join before it becomes monopolized by a few active members.

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