Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Squidoo Alternatives #4 - Bukisa

Bukisa is another site where you can post your own content and earn money. In this instance your content can be text, or slides, or video, or audio. You can add text to your audio or video uploads, but the expectation is that this will simply be a transcript. The interface is extremely easy to use. In terms of text articles it is pretty basic: text, pictures, links and that is it, although there is the option of using HTML.

You can use links within the content that you submit, so it can be part of a strategy to promote your website, blog, Squidoo page, or whatever else you want to promote. What you can't do is include affiliate or referral links, which obviously reduces your options.

In terms of earning money, it is very simple: you get paid according to how many times your pages are viewed. The rate you are paid at depends on how well Bukisa advertising has performed (this is indicated by the Bukisa index on the site). As a general indication, at the time of writing I have 4 articles which have received 107 visits and my account stands at $0.43. This may not be much, but these articles have assisted with traffic to my various projects and I have done nothing whatsoever to promote my Bukisa articles. Payout threshold is $50 and is paid by Paypal.

Bukisa is still in Beta and has been suffering a few glitches over the last couple of weeks, so if you are submitting articles you might be better off writing it in Word or Notepad first, just to be safe!


Anonymous said...

I might try Bukisa, can we put our blog links in there so indirectly we may get referrals in our programs without using the referral urls?

Rumpleteazer said...

@Jenai - You only get referrals through using the referral link or if people join up via your profile page.