Saturday, January 17, 2009

Paid Blog Posts With Paying Post

As regular readers will know, I am always looking for ways to diversify my income from my blogs and elsewhere. In this continual search I found Paying Post which allows you to get paid to blog! How it works is that there are advertisers out there who have recognized the power of advertising through blogs and looking for bloggers to review their websites or products in order to make them more visible. Unlike some other similar sites, Paying Post usually expect you to disclose the fact that you are being paid for your review, and also they expect your review to be an honest one. Payments vary from one advertiser to another. The threshold for payout is $50 and is paid by Paypal.

There will be some bloggers who will feel a little uneasy putting paid posts on their and may feel that it compromises their integrity. My view is that as long as you have balance between paid and the remainder of your blog then I don't see it as a problem. And of course if you provide good quality content then does it really matter that you are being paid for your content, as long as provide readable and useful information? You need to be careful of course that you do not overdo it and fill up your entire blog with reviews otherwise your readers will desert you and advertisers will quickly loose interest in you as well.

An additional feature of Paying Post is that as well as the opportunities available on the site you have put a Paying Post Direct badge on your blog to allow advertisers and other bloggers to approach you to write reviews on their website or blog. I am offering reviews for just $5 at the moment! So why not request one before I put the price up!!

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