Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Contest: Win FREE Advertising on Extra Cash Challenge

Well I thought it is about time I had a go at a blog contest. Firstly, what can you win? Unfortunately I don't have large sums of money or an Ipod to give away. But what I am able to give away is eight 125 x 125 ads on Extra Cash Challenge. Here are the rules - I have decided to keep things simple:

  1. The first 3 people to write a post that includes a link back to Extra Cash Challenge and leave a comment to let me know that they have done this will be allocated an ad for a period of 14 days. The ads will be placed consecutively and allocated strictly in the order that I receive the comments.
  2. Posts and comments received after the first three will be entered in a draw. Two entrants will be selected at random and each will be allocated an ad place each, both will run for seven days and will run after the first three ads have expired. The random selection will consist of the highly technical process of printing out the names, cutting them out, putting them in a box and asking each of my two children to pick one at random!
  3. The post that I judge to be the best will receive an ad spot for free for 30 days!!! This will be entirely my judgment and will be based on the post that I think features the best writing that I judge to be of most interest. If the best post happens to fall within the first three received then the fourth post will receive a free ad.
  4. Any posts that contain inflammatory or offensive material will not be considered.
  5. My decision is final!
  6. This contest finishes at 23:00 GMT on 8th March 2009. Entries received after then will not be considered. I will contact the winners during week beginning 9th March via their blogs, or if you prefer you can provide your e-mail address via my "Contact Me" tab. Winners will need to provide me with an image to use for the advert or for Entrecard members I can use their EC image if preferred.
If you have any queries at all then please either leave a comment or use the "Contact Me" tab.

Enjoy and good luck!!!


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