Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Squidoo Alternatives #5 - Zimbio

Regular readers of Extra Cash Challenge will know that my Squidoo Alternatives series focuses on sites where you can submit your own content including backlinks to your own website or blog, and where there are opportunities for making money. Those people who are already familiar with Zimbio may wonder why I am including it in this series when there is no intrinsic way of making money from it. But more of that later. I will also tell you about neat trick you can use with Zimbio to promote your Squidoo lenses.

Zimbio is a site which describes itself as an interactive magazine the readership of which is apparently around 15 million people per week. It is broken down into hundreds of "wikizines" based around a wide variety of themes. All you need to is write an article about anything you like (including a link to your website/blog if you wish) and submit it to one of the many wikizines. The interface is fairly basic - no modules or anything fancy, but very easy to use.

If you have a blog, a further option to you is to submit your blog RSS feed to Zimbio, which then gives you the option to submit your better posts to one of the wikizines - this will automatically feature a link to your blog and increase exposure for you and your blog!

A word of warning though - if your blog is on one of the paid blog networks (such as Today.com) then I suggest you do not do this. The reason for this (as I have learned recently to my cost) is that your original blog post is likely to be flagged as duplicate content and you will not be paid!!!

Now - for the Squidoo trick......what you can do to increase exposure for your Squidoo lenses is to submit your Squidoo profile RSS feed to Zimbio. You have to submit it as a blog - Zimbio doesn't differentiate. The result of this is each time you publish a new lens, the Introduction module will find its way through to Zimbio which you can then publish to a relevant wikizine. As you can only publish your introduction you need to make sure it's a good one to grab your readers' interest enough to click through to the actual Squidoo lens. You could, I guess, do the same for you HubPages or Bukisa profile, but I wouldn't recommend it as you are likely to be penalised for duplicate content.

In terms of earning potential, there is no revenue directly attached to Zimbio, but you can use affiliate and referral links within your articles. This includes your blog posts that you re-publish to Zimbio wikizines (i.e. your original links remain intact). You could, therefore, use a Zimbio article as a landing page for an affiliate marketing campaign.

In summary, Zimbio is really easy to use for publishing articles, but its strength for me is in re-publishing blog posts and potentially gaining a larger audience for your blog.

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