Sunday, February 1, 2009

Earnings for January

From this month I have decided to limit what I am posting on these monthly totals just to earnings from the internet as I think that other earning are not particularly interesting to anyone else except me. January was not a great month for online earnings, although bear in mind that I personally only count what I have actually received and not what is sitting in a review panel or affiliate account somewhere until I reach the payment threshold. So here are my earnings this month:

Surveys - £32 (£30 - Ipoints, £2 - GfK)
Ebay - £4.98

Total = £36.98

Not exactly impressive really!

I have spent this month concentrating primarily on increasing traffic to my blogs and I am pleased that work is already starting to pay off as previously most of it was from Entrecard, whereas now I am gaining a good proportion of my traffic from search engines and other sources. From here I need to build on that and look at finding more ways of converting this traffic into cash!

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