Saturday, February 14, 2009

Extra Cash Challenge is Now a Do Follow Blog

I have been aware for a little while that Blogger defaults to the "no follow" format for backlinks and comments, so I have decided to do something about this. Following the instructions on Tips 4 Blogspot, I have managed to remove the no follow, so this is now a do follow blog.

So, if you have a blog or website, your comments here will assist your ranking with Google and other search engines. Go ahead - get yourself a free backlink. I will still be moderating comments though, so you still need to say something of worth about the post you are commenting or the blog in general. A certain amount of self-promotion is just fine (we all need to do it), but blatant spam is not!


Janrafi | Rags to Riches online said...

you can take it further if you want people not post spammy comments just to get backlinks for free. try lucia's linkylove. that's what i'm trying right now on my site. thanks for commenting there too.

Rumpleteazer said...

@Janrafi - sadly not an option for Blogger blogs, well I don't think so anyway.

Sinclair said...

Interesting...will have to make note for my blog building options. Still researching.

tetetzet said...

Wew.. Do follow. Its great dude..!!

Malathy said...

Yes, Lucia's Do Follow blogger roll is really big. Join her roll.

BTW, restrict to a maximum of 3 blog posts to your home page. You can do this under Settings->Formatting.

You have a great template.

I have a blog on income opportunities. Care to exchange links?
You can reply to my email which is in my blogger profile.
Cheers buddy.

Rumpleteazer said...

@Malathy - Thank you for your comments. The template was downloaded from EblogTemplates - I looking for ways to personalize it a little.

I have e-mailed you about exchanging links.