Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time to Buy a New TV

Our current television is really on its last legs. I don’t know if it is because I have been watching other people’s TVs that I have noticed how poor the picture is on ours. It is at its worst when you are trying to read text, such as football scores, which seems to have become increasingly fuzzy. Or maybe it’s me getting older! My favourite thing to watch on is films, and on our ancient TV with its fuzzy picture and crackly mono sound, I think I am missing out on something.

So I have looking into a new TV. Soon, of course, the analogue signal will be switched off, so it would be better if we are buying to buy a digital TV rather than buy an analogue TV and continue to use our somewhat temperamental digital box.

The latest digital televisions have amazing picture and sound quality compared to what I have become used to. My preference, I think, is for LCD TVs such as the Samsung LE37A436T which has a 37” widescreen and is HD Ready. It has lots of good features including a high definition picture and stereo surround sound. It is certainly not top of the range, but in the current climate we need to think about what we are spending. The price of these high definition tvs has come down considerably recently and there more savings to be had by using price comparison sites. I think we will spend more time browsing though before we decide for definite what we will buy.


MoneyEnergy said...

I'm also in the market for a new tv for viewing films.... hopefully the prices are better now that we're past the superbowl and the digital conversion.... I'll be getting a 32" LCD of some sort. Let me know if you see any great deals!

Rumpleteazer said...

@MoneyEnergy - Still looking!

Robin said...

I did an article on energy efficient TVs in this size range, on my blog Green Posts,(links directly to article). I would check out the 37" models there. One of them is available at Target.

PS. Thanks for the info. on the European crafts site.