Sunday, March 1, 2009

Earnings for February

My monthly posts giving my total online earnings have become a regular feature of Extra Cash Challenge, but over the last couple of months I have been thinking seriously about whether I should continue posting them. This is primarily because the totals have been so poor. I considered inflating my earnings so that I could portray myself as some sort of guru, but this just did not feel right.

So here are my earnings:

Ebay: £12.03
Paid posts: £8.44 (Smorty)

Total = £20.47

My aim of earning at least £300 per month feels a very long way away. Part of the issue is about how I use my time - the question is, do I use my limited time to concentrate on things that I know will generate income (such as surveys and Ebay) or do I concentrate on other things that are less certain (such as income from my blogs, Squidoo, affiliate marketing, etc), or do I try something else altogether? Also, part of the issue is how I count my earnings - I only count what I have actually received in my Paypal or bank account. I have continued to earn throughout the month, but have not reached payment thresholds in a number of different accounts. I have a few payments pending though.

The quest continues........


Passive Income said...

Don't give up! It can be done with enough work. I am trying to work my way up to $1,000 per month.

Daily Meeze said...

It's not easy but in time you will reach your target. I'm in the range $150-$300 monthly now. This is from paid blog reviews, article writing and surveys. If you need some tips, just leave a comment in my blog. Working hard to increase that amount. For the meantime, try to bring as many traffic as you can to your blog. You need it to get higher PR and higher PR is very important to get more advertisers.