Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Money Making Opportunities at

There have been some recent changes at I have previously posted about how you can make money with a blog at Previously you could not add to your earnings by incorporating affiliate and referral links, but now things have changed. Today now allow you to incorporate some specific affiliate links - there are quite a large number to choose from and you do not need to sign up with an affiliate company. You have the choice of just putting banners into your sidebar or incorporate links into your posts. I am hoping that this will create opportunities to increase my income from Comments of Nobody.


Make Money Online | diTesco said...

First. Thank you for visiting my blog.

With regards to, I have to admit that I still have to figure them out. I started blogging to get paid with them last December and I still have not made a cent. I am not so sure if I will continue my efforts there as I think it can be a waste of time. Have you had a better experience with them?

Rumpleteazer said...

@diTesco - I have made a little. As ever it is all about traffic! If you can get enough people to your blog then you can earn decent money. I am thinking that they new affiliate opportunities will boost my earnings a little.

Daily Mezze said...

I really want to join but they don't accept members from my country. Too bad for me. :-(