Monday, March 2, 2009

Squidoo Alternatives #7 - Qassia

Continuing my reviews of alternatives to Squidoo brings me to Qassia. Remembering that this series focuses on sites that where you can post your own content, include a link back to your own site/blog and where there are opportunities to make money, I will cover each of these in turn. Qassia allows you to create your own content (known here as "Intel") about pretty much anything. The only things that are not allowed are adult content or duplicate content. People participating in Qassia can earn Qassia Dollars - this is not real money, however, this is actually just a rating system relating to the visibility of your Intels. The interface is pretty basic (text and images), but is easy to use.

Associated with each Intel is a link back to your website, blog, Squidoo page or whatever else you are looking to promote. In fact, Qassia promotes itself on the basis of being a means by which you gain useful backlinks, and all links are "dofollow". You can't, however, use Qassia to promote your affiliate links or indeed any dubious looking money making schemes.

In terms of making money, Qassia offers a revenue sharing model where you can receive 100% of Adsense revenue from your Intels, although you do not receive any revenue from any other pages.

In conclusion, Qassia offers primarily a useful means of building backlinks to your website or blog. There is some opportunity to make some additional money from Adsense, but unless your Intels receive a large amount of traffic you should not expect to make large sums.

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