Sunday, June 8, 2008

Making Money With Squidoo

For the uninitiated, Squidoo is a site where you have the opportunity to make a mini website, which Squidoo refer to as a "lens". You can make as many lenses as you like. Money can be made on these in one of two ways; firstly if a visitor clicks on a Google Ad, or if you add an Ebay or an Amazon "module" and a visitor makes a purchase via your lens. I joined just over a week ago and have made 4 lenses so far, but have made absolutely no money whatsoever. I think I will persevere though as it may help to generate traffic for my website, or for this blog!

You can find me on Squidoo here. My latest lens is on adoption and I am quite pleased with it - I was considering putting it forward for "Lens of the Day".

You can sign up with Squidoo here.

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