Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vouchers arrived

Today was a good day for shopping vouchers from surveys. I received £10 worth for Marks and Spencers for Valued Opinions surveys and £2 Argos vouchers from my huge (not!) prize draw with GfK Consumer Panel. These will both go towards the Christmas fund I think.

Valued Opinions offer a good range of surveys and they are fairly frequent (although I tend to get screened out of quite a few). They are fairly well rewarded (typically £1.00/£1.50, sometimes more, sometimes less) and they payout at £10.00. Lots of options for vouchers - many of the main high street stores included. No option to receive your rewards in cash unfortunately.

Join Valued Opinions.

GfK seem to run various consumer panels, but the one that I tend to do most surveys for is GfK What I Buy as these tend to be a bit more interesting. They are purely for prize draws though and there are much bigger prizes available than the £2 voucher that I won!

Join GfK What I Buy.

1 comment:

Luke Zet said...

Seems Great, it is always good to get some extra money!